speak good english
Penulis :Lim Shok Ling
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ISBN : 978-967-5711-19-0
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“SPEAK GOOD ENGLISH” is a gauge of learning English confidently. It has been specially developed by laying out specifically the usage of each topic. Every topic has got a formula to teach learners how to write and speak. The learners are able to build up their confidence in speaking good English. The most beneficial part is learners are independently to learn English by cross-check using formula. The examples given are fully related to daily English conversation and learners may use them at their convenience. The topics are arranged to smooth the transition of learning English.

The specialty of SPEAK GOOD ENGLISH is learners will be able to differentiate the quite similar usage of the tenses. Learners will be able to speak good English on that tense after completed the first chapter and subsequently for the others. The improvements can be seen tremendously after practicing 3UMES- there times of Understanding, Memorizing, Exercising and Speaking. The questions are structured and learners are able to define clearly what tense to use in different situation. They may learn anytime, anywhere, affordable, sharing together and many times at ease.

No hassle, make your dreams come true to be an excellent English speaker. Practice Makes Perfect.