genetics peril
Penulis :Norzailina Nordin
Kategori: Novel
ISBN : 978-983-124-326-8
Halaman: 299
BERAT :250gram
RM 15

MLD was a strange and unfamiliar word within Mohamad and Kamariah’s household. But when this enemy took away their eldest daughter’s life, they were taken by surprise. From that day onwards, they did not know it then, so things began to get worse.

They were totally unprepared when further tests showed that all their five children had symptoms of the dreaded genetic disease. All was not lost, however, for there was a cure but the cost was tremendously high. They were devastated.

It was an endurance test for the family; every minute mattered, every cent counted, every prayer appreciated. Their plight caught the nation’s attention and everyone shared their miseries. It was a suffering like no other; a struggle that was to last more than twenty years!

Share with them this touching and unforgettable experience. For this is a story where we can reflect our own lives, and the true meaning of love.

What lies ahead, no one really knows…