jasmines on the 4th floor
Penulis :Maclean Patrick
Kategori: Novel
ISBN : 978-983-124-336-7
Halaman: 208
BERAT :200gram
RM 10

Jasmine finds solace in her world of flowers on her 4th floor apartment. She dreams of the day she would leave the apartment for Singapore. But all her plans are sidelined the day she meets the mysterious Remy.

Remy is on the run from himself. Desperately trying to find meaning in his life, he hides in the flat complex called Rifle Range. There he befriends Jasmine and immediately takes interest in her. Jasmine, the happy-go-lucky girl is the answer to his problems.

It is a friendship that helps both of them cope with their tortured past and their need to love and be loved. Ultimately Remy’s secret threatens their blossoming love and hopes of a life together.

Could the strengths of their friendship and love overcome the secret that Remy hides?