Penulis :Niki Hanisa
Kategori: Novel
ISBN : 978-983-124-523-1
Halaman: 404
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RM 16

Thrilling adventures in FORSAKEN didn’t end there but ravaging on in BLOODLINE.

In 2002, three children became spectators to their mothers killing. Four years later, they still struggling to fi nd normalcy. Now, they have to take that thorn strewn journey together again.

Evils have returned in full force, invading the slayers already chaotic life. The reappearance of a lost friend complicates matter further and making new friends is not easy either. The trio is thrown back into the killing life more than ever before, trying to uncover the truth, determining whether a friend is still a friend or have transformed into a dangerous foe.

They have no choice but to put aside their differences long enough to fi nd out what life has in store for them this time around or devastatingly discover their once strong bond is too broken to be mended.