simple steps to grammar
Penulis :Aminah Mahmud
Kategori: Umum
ISBN : 978-983-124-728-0
Halaman: 136
BERAT :200gram
RM 7

This is an excellent book for a quick revision of grammar. It aims to help students acquire the basic knowledge of using English in speaking and writing at the sentence level. The simple language used to explain the Parts of Speech and Tense usage enables the students to understand the items easily and use them correctly.

Students, who are still confused with subject-verb agreement structures, will find this book very useful for them. It serves as a reference as well as a supplementary source of material. Teachers may use this book for remedial or enrichment activities to suit the performance level of their students. Mastery of English grammar is all it takes to be an effective user of the language, be it in speech or writing.