house of bukit kenanga
Penulis :Zamir Zakwan
ISBN : 983-124-223-8
Halaman: 192
BERAT :200gram
RM 6


The house on Bukit Kenanga stood high on a hill, hidden by tall, whispery trees, surrounded by shadows. It was a rambling old place, a decaying mansion and it was watching us.

Something was there in the house, waiting. Something no longer alive…The haunted house has taken one victim, Jamil and Siti’s babysitter. But that’s not enough. The house wants Jamil and Siti, too. Just like that boy, Michael. He had an ‘accident.’ A deadly one.

This is Jamil and his little sister’s last chance to get out alive. The house on Bukit Kenanga is hiding some gruesome secrets. Secrets that will be kept... to the grave. Two kids, one haunted house. Let the haunting begin.